New Year’s Day Swim on Achill Island

The short article that caught my attention was entitled “New Year’s Day Swim”. I discovered it while flipping through The Mayo News. Its first sentence read: “The annual charity swim in aid of the Achill Island Lifeboat will take place on New Year’s Day at the Blue Flag Silver Strand Beach, Dugort at 1 pm.” I had often heard about this special event and knew immediately that I would take part this year.

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The Fields of Athenry

The UEFA EURO 2016 in France is over. Portugal is European football champion. For the first time ever. European football fan champions in my opinion are the Irish. Again. With their merry and creative singing and activities, they showed the world how wonderful and entertaining it can be to support and celebrate your own team with full dedication. One song out of their repertoire woke up very special memories: The Fields of Athenry.

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The Easter Rising of 1916

Black and white photograph of Abbey Street and Sackville Street with statue of William Smith O'Brien, the General Post Office and Nelson's Pillar. You can see piles of rubble, pedestrians, a few cars and a tram.

100 years ago today, on 24 April 1916, a minority of Irish men and women led an armed insurrection against British rule to gain independence. While the series of events, that are now known as the Easter Rising, were neither the start nor the end on the long path to a free Ireland, they have a very special place in Irish history and the hearts of Irish people all over the world.

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