Tim Kalbitzer

In June 2015, Tim started What motivated him to do so, he explains in the blog post Welcome to IrishBayrisch! He represents the “Bayrisch” (Bavarian) part of IrishBayrisch and loves to explore his Bavarian and Irish home and discover new relations of the two.

Here are Tim’s posts.

Moya Mc Nulty

Without Moya, these pages would not exist. She represents the Irish part of IrishBayrisch and continuously performs magic in the kitchen. It’s no surprise that she made it into a Munich cookbook with her recipes for Irish pancakes and Irish tea brack.

Here are Moya’s posts.

Winfried Kalbitzer

Tim’s dad Winfried also plays a significant role that IrishBayrisch exists. He inspired Tim to travel and to take pictures. Winfried enjoys exploring the world outside his door. He also took wonderful shots of Achill Island.

Here are Winfried’s posts.


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