Tradition and traditional costumes

Bavaria is world-famous for its vivid traditions. In our beautiful Pfaffenwinkel region too, the people are looking after their long-lived customs and almost every village has a folklore group, a brass band in traditional costumes and sometimes even a drum group.

All these different groups are organised in the Bayerischer Trachtenverband e.V. (the Bavarian traditional costumes association). More than 165,000 adult members and more than 100,000 children and teenagers are active in their groups and associations and devote themselves to their home towns and traditions at the numerous occasions and events in their region.

For the active members, the big Gautrachtenfeste (regional festivals) are the highlights every year. The group hosting a festival is very engaged to carry out a magnificent and smooth event.

Last year, the folklore group „Die lustigen Oberlandler“ Wies hosted the 91. Gautrachtenfest of the Oberen Lechgau-Verbandes for their group’s 110-year anniversary. This special event was celebrated with a festive weekend from 27 to 29 July 2018. Almost 4,000 people in traditional costumes from the Ostallgäu, Pfaffenwinkel and South Tyrole regions showed on the festival Sunday that the traditional costumes are alive and worn with pride from all the different generations.

After the programme from Friday and Saturday, the Sunday started with a wake-up call from the Wieser Böllerschützen (saluting gun riflemen) and the festive service in the Pilgrimage Church of Wies. The performances of the young folklore groups created a good atmosphere in the big tent.

At 1.30 pm the big parade took place with 49 groups, 25 bands, five drum groups and 14 carriages in front of the beautiful scenery of the Pilgrimage Church of Wies and its surroundings.

The good Lord surely had a special eye on this event because the wather was wonderful with temperatures around 28 degrees Celsius, white and blue heaven and a lot of smiley people.

A splendid Bavarian festive day. A magnificent and perfect Gautrauchtenfest (regional festival)!

Of the many participants of the parade we can only show a small selection of the happy people in their traditional costumes and historical robes in this presentation. It was hard to make this selection because every single group out of the 49 would have deserved it to be presented here.

During the morning pint, a lot of people felt too warm in the tent and rather enjoyed the fresh air before the big parade.
The morning pint took place in the packed big tent under a white and blue sky where the people refreshed themselves for the big parade.
The three riders with the Ulrichsstandarte headed the parade with its almost 4,000 participants.
The row of honour with the chairman of the Bayerischer Trachtenverbandes e.V. Max Bertl from Wildsteig on the left who took over the patronage and the Gauausschuss (regional committee).
The parade was opened by the hosts „Die lustigen Oberlandler“ Wies.

The big delegation from Peiting with its band, the folklore group Alpenrose and its drum group.
The people from Peiting proudly presented their group’s new banner.
The band „König Ludwig II“ from Burggen.
The „Illachtaler“ from Rottenbuch who took part with their folklore group, band, drummers und carriage.
The folklore groups joined the parade from the special areas on the side.

Ornate garlands that are carried acrobatically by the people.
Stylish female participants in their traditional costumes.
The visitors were entertained with excellent brass music and rhythmic drumming.

Chic women in colourful festive costumes.
The „D’Lobachtaler“ with their rustic handbags.
Also the very small ones participate, but they are lucky because they are pulled in these warm temperatures.
The strong colours of the traditional costumes suit the women well and show wonderful contrasts in the sunshine.

The men in their Lederhosen (leather trousers) look more traditional.
At the end of the parade, the local groups present their banners.
After the beautiful parade in the heat, the participants and visitors are pouring into the big tent where they celebrated until the late evening after this perfect event.
Other participants relax in the shade with a cold drink.
The folklore groups are well prepared for the future as even the young ones enjoy to participate in these events.
All participants can be proud after this excellent event. The way they presented themselves is really hard to beat and the Pilgrimage Church of Wies offered them a spectacular stage.

Fotos: Winfried Kalbitzer

Translated by Tim Kalbitzer

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