Irish Tea Brack

St. Patrick’s Day is but a week away and the days are getting longer. Those two things alone would put a bounce in your step as we look forward to the weather becoming warmer. The leaves and plants are starting to grow again and flowers are beginning to appear. The reprieve that warm spring days offer from the bitter cold days of winter is a cause for celebration. And what better way to celebrate than by baking and eating a cake. And what better cake to bake around St. Patrick’s Day but an Irish tea brack.

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Irish Pancakes

From Achill Island to Munich

My Nana made these pancakes on the spur of the moment when guests would arrive at her Bervie guesthouse on Achill Island. Homemade scones and jam were always available but these delicious pancakes were Nana’s specialty. My Mum also used to delight us with these pancakes as children and still does when we come home for a visit. Today, I’m living in Munich, in the district of Pasing, and bake the same pancakes for my family.

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The Fields of Athenry

The UEFA EURO 2016 in France is over. Portugal is European football champion. For the first time ever. European football fan champions in my opinion are the Irish. Again. With their merry and creative singing and activities, they showed the world how wonderful and entertaining it can be to support and celebrate your own team with full dedication. One song out of their repertoire woke up very special memories: The Fields of Athenry.

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