Winter hike on the Schliersberg

It is a beautiful Sunday morning. Munich is covered with a thin layer of snow. We are sitting on the train, enjoying the view and looking forward to our winter hike on the Schliersberg.

After less than an hour we arrive in Schliersee. We walk along the Werner-Bochmann-Straße, turn right into Rathausstraße and then left into Leitnerstraße. From there we follow the signage and take hiking trail 673a to the Schliersbergalm. Dekan-Maier-Weg leads us up the hill. We pass the valley station of the Schliersbergbahn. The cable car is – if at all – only an option for the way back. We want to go hiking and not be pulled up the hill after all. This gives us the opportunity to calmly look at the houses that we pass. There is a wide range of different architectural styles – from alpine to modern – that alternate along the winding road. Almost without noticing we gain altitude.

View on Schliersee

Soon the asphalt road ends and we continue to walk on a closed snowpack. It crunches under our shoes while we follow the path step by step. The sun shines through the trees and makes the snow around us twinkle. We hear childrens’ voices and see them come towards us happily on their sledges. They have definitely picked the best option for the way down. Quicker than expected thought we reach the Schliersbergalm. It lies beautifully in the sun which makes it the ideal place for a snack al fresco.


In front of a rustic wooden hut we take a seat at a solid wooden table and enjoy our sandwiches. The view is fantastic.

View over the Schliersee and the Brecherspitze

After we have eaten and rested a while we set off again. We want to walk the circular trail over the 1,265 meter high Schliersberg which is also called Rohnberg here. So we follow hiking trail 673. It leads us into the forest. After all the sunshine it is now getting shady. As we walk around a bend I feel transported back to my own youth. The path reminds me of the ascent up to the Drehhütte to which I walked numerous times to go sledging with friends during my schooldays. With an inner smile I enjoy this mental travel through time. We reach a fork and turn left.

Circular trail

We continue to trudge through the snow covered forest. Far and wide there is nobody to be seen. It is wintry quiet. After a short ascent we reach a clearing and can look into the distance.

On the Schliersberg
View from the Schliersberg

Then the path leads us back into the forest. The trees are covered with snow and ice and form a columned hall created by nature which we reverently stride through. It is a very special moment.

Natural columned hall

The snowpack gets thicker and the path narrower. We have to watch our steps if we want to avoid sinking into the snow up to our knees. It is going slightly downhill. The Schliersberg does not have a classical peak with a 360 degree view. But this fact makes this winter hike so appealing.

Deep snow

Soon we are back at the Schliersbergalm. We take a short break and descend back to the valley. As we still have some time until our train leaves, we stroll through the town and visit the baroque church St. Sixtus which is worth seeing. It starts to snow. Only a few moments later we sit happily and content in the train back to Munich. It was a marvellous trip to a truly heavenly place in Upper Bavaria.

For this hike we combined two different tours: First, we took the Winterwanderung auf die Schliersbergalm and then – for the circular trail – the Familientraumtour Schliersberg und Schliersbergalm. If you travel from the Munich metropolitan area and want to leave your car behind you can use the Bayerische Oberlandbahn (BOB).

Photos: Tim Kalbitzer

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