Kräftig-oranger Körper mit einer weißen Schaumkrone oben drauf.

500 years of purity law for beer

It is one of the main reasons why Bavarian and German beer is so popular at home and abroad. At the same time, it is the oldest food and consumer protection law that is still valid today. The purity law for beer (called Reinheitsgebot in German) from 1516. Today, it celebrates its 500th birthday.

Father Ray Kelly sings Hallelujah and smiles.

A very special Hallelujah

Two years ago to the day, Father Ray Kelly gave a remarkable performance in his parish that significantly influenced his life and touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide. I’m delighted to commemorate this illustrious event here with some of his thoughts and experiences that he shared with me especially for IrishBayrisch.

Cover detail of book Echolocation. Cover design by Olaf Hille. Rainbow-coloured sound wave on a black-grey-white background.


23 December 2015. The day before Christmas Eve. I’m in Castlebar in County Mayo. My passion for bookstores leads me to Eason in Main Street. In the Irish corner, I spot a thin, white book: Echolocation from Terry McDonagh. The first sentence on the back immediately arouses my interest: